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Clear Aligners are the Clear Choice for Image-Conscious Teens and Adults

Have you looked in the mirror and wished your smile was straighter and more eye-catching? Has a dentist told you that having braces could alleviate pain and tension associated with jaw misalignment? Do you cringe at the idea of wearing metal braces for years?

What if your crooked, misaligned teeth could get whipped into shape discreetly with nearly-invisible orthodontic treatment?

It's possible with Invisalign!

Dr. Avanzato has helped many patients enjoy the confidence and beauty of a straighter smile through the Invisalign system of clear, removable aligners. As a trained cosmetic dentist, he is always pursuing new and better ways of providing stunning smile transformations with a minimum of inconvenience to patients. Invisalign, with its clear series of corrective aligners, is a wonderful way for teens and professional adults alike to straighten their teeth quickly and inconspicuously. Instead of seeing a web of metal when you smile, others will see...well, nothing! It's likely no one will notice you're wearing Invisalign unless they're seeing your smile close up or you tell them yourself.

The Invisalign Process

At your Invisalign consultation, Dr. Avanzato will perform a thorough examination of your bite, and recommend appropriate treatment. If Invisalign is right for you, you'll receive a custom treatment plan with 3D images of your teeth and overall smile. If everything looks good, we will send the specifications for your aligners to a certified Invisalign lab. You will be advised to wear these aligners as much as possible throughout the day and night, removing them only to eat, drink, and care for your teeth. Though Invisalign aligners are created from clear acrylic material and are very discreet, you may remove them for special occasions. Can you imagine such flexibility with traditional braces?

If you’ve put off bite correction because you were avoiding metal braces, call our cosmetic dentistry office today and schedule your Invisalign consultation. 

Your Smile is in Good Hands

Oral health and beauty should always go together. At Hartsdale, Dr. Avanzato and our team deliver excellent cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic restorative dentistry, and general dentistry procedures. Our goal is to create stunning smiles with optimal function and comfort while maintaining a foundation of healthy gums and teeth with preventive care. Patients from Hartsdale, White Plains, Scarsdale, Yonkers, and the surrounding area have enjoyed fantastic results and rewarding experiences at our practice, so call us today to schedule your personal consultation.

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